About Lunch 08/10/2014

Restaurant 2014/06/10 DSCF3084
Tiendo a ir a los restaurantes mismo. Pensé que necesito a hacer cosas diferentes a veces. Por eso este semana fui a los restaurantes que nunca había ido. Ayer fui un restaurante Alemania y comí una hamburguesa. Hoy fui un restaurante japonés y comí tempura. Los dos fueron deliciosos.

I tend to go to the same restaurants because I don’t want to waste of money for bad foods. I thought sometimes I need to do different things. So I went to different restaurants to have lunch. Yesterday I went to a German restaurant and had a hamburg steak. Today, I went to a Japanese restaurant and had tempura. Both were delicious.

FUJIFILM X-E1 + XF35mm F1.4 R